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March 25, 2013

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Statement from CSPF on the Findings of the Little Hoover Commission


The California State Parks Foundation (CSPF) commends the Little Hoover Commission for its bold and comprehensive report, “Beyond Crisis: Recapturing Excellence in California's State Park System,” and its recommendations for the future direction of the California state parks system. While there is a lot to digest in the details of this report, CSPF agrees with the commission's overall top line recommendations. The commission’s re-affirmation of the value of the California state parks system is very timely. The state has a small window of opportunity created by the park closure moratorium to set this grand system on a road to recovery.

“The commission has articulated some key challenges facing our state parks system and the community of partners that have, and continue to, represent the public's interest in our parks,” said Elizabeth Goldstein, president of California State Parks Foundation. “At the same time, the report creates a stark but realistic picture of the choices confronting all those who care about them from state elected officials, through the department’s new leadership team, to the parks community and ultimately to park users. The moment to confront these challenges is now.”

The commission’s call for a new vision for state parks as a starting point is imperative. It is also consistent with CSPF’s 2011 report:  A Vision for Excellence for California State Parks. The report called for a strengthened, well-resourced department to be the hub of a broad network of partners committed to the creation of a newly re-invigorated state parks system with a diverse and committed constituency. 

“For 44 years the California State Parks Foundation has sought to strengthen the state parks system and connect Californians to their parks,” said Goldstein. “Our commitment to this noble cause is unwavering.”   


View the complete report on the Little Hoover Commission's website.


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