Films About State Parks

Here is a list of upcoming screenings of the two incredible documentaries CSPF has been a part of.
We highly encourage you to watch both of these films!

California Forever

by Backcountry Pictures

Filmmakers David Vassar and Sally Kaplan of Backcountry Pictures have spent years creating a beautiful and important documentary called “California Forever: The Story of California state parks.” This two-episode television documentary will air on PBS stations this fall. Episode One highlights the history of California state parks through an inspiring account of the struggles and achievements that built our state park system. Episode Two brings to light the challenges parks face now and into the future, for California and across the country.

CSPF has been involved with this multi-year project and we know the final product is going to be amazing! Both episodes will be featured at a fantastic event in the Hearst Castle Theatre on Tuesday, April 24. It is being sponsored by the Central Coast State Parks Association and CSPF. We’ll keep you posted on sneak preview screenings that will be held in your area as well as precise PBS air dates soon.

The First 70

by Heath Hen Films

The First 70 is a documentary that highlights the wonders and issues surrounding the 70 state parks slated to close on July 1. In The First 70, we follow filmmakers Lauren Valentino, Jarratt Moody and Cory Brown of Heath Hen Films as they travel across the state in a really cool bus, to visit all 70 state parks and capture the parks’ endless beauty in images and interviews with those who love and care for them.

The film investigates the various issues surrounding the closures, as well as how Californians have banded together to enact change and develop solutions. CSPF is proud to be an Executive Producer on this film.

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