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Parks Are for All Californians

In his inaugural address, Governor Gavin Newsom promised a “California for all,” filled with opportunities for a better life.

All of us at California State Parks Foundation believe that should include thriving, accessible state parks for everyone to enjoy, and we hope you agree!

Below is a petition to Governor Newsom for you to sign, reminding him that a California for all must include parks for all. We’ll bring your voice with us to Sacramento on Park Advocacy Day, May 7. Sign the petition and tell the Governor which state park you think he should visit next — and why it’s so special!

If you can, please make a generous gift in support of all our advocacy efforts and all our programs to protect and conserve the nature, wildlife, history and culture of California’s amazing state parks!

Dear Governor Newsom,

"California for all” includes state parks for all! Our parklands preserve the very best of California. With 280 state parks throughout California, from towering redwoods to sand-swept beaches, our parks have it all. They provide us with places to soak in hot springs, explore California’s unique history, surf world-renowned beaches, hike to tops of peaks, build sandcastles, discover old ghost towns, walk along winding rivers and so much more.

Our parks are more than just places; they provide health and wellness benefits, rest and relaxation, ways to spend time with friends and family, opportunities to learn about California’s history, and help us feel connected to what makes California grand and the Golden State.

California’s state parks are also an important economic engine to the local communities in which they are located, generating over $6 billion in overall economic activity across the state.

So that we can continue to tell California’s story and continue our environmental legacy, our state parks should welcome visitors, preserve and retell California’s history, and protect some of our most cherished natural environment. We also all have a responsibility to preserve our parklands, grow the next generation of stewards, and strengthen Californians’ commitment to state parks as owners, stewards and investors.

Because we know parks are essential to the health, happiness and quality of life of Californians.


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California State Parks Foundation

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