2017 Project Recaps

On Saturday, April 22, 2017, more than 3,000 volunteers gathered in 40 state parks across California for a day of service. Together, they planted 3,685 native plants and trees, removed 1,385 cubic yards of non-native vegetation and 1,130 bags of trash, collected 416 bags of recycling, and did dozens of improvement projects like installing new signage and trail markers, removing graffiti, building fences and more. See what volunteers accomplished at each park below.

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Angel Island State Park

Projects: Trail work, dock improvements, erosion control, weed abatement

Auburn State Recreation Area

Projects: Installed trail signs, posts, maps and interpretive panels, removed 125 cubic yards of non-native plants, 215 bags of trash and 8 bags of recycling

Benicia State Recreation Area: Forrest Deaner Native Plant Botanical Garden

Volunteers: 86
Projects: Planted 118 native trees, shrubs and perennials in the Coastal Sage Scrub and Chaparral areas, mulched & watered new plants, removed 35 cubic yards of exotic non-natives in garden areas and along garden pathways

California Citrus State Historic Park

Volunteers: 153
Projects: Weeded, raked, and removed 500 bags of downed fruit and other organic tree debris in the orchard, bagged and hauled removed debris to dumpsters, conducted trail work on approximately 1 mile of trail within the park, fixing ruts, performing repairs to bender board, and filling holes with decomposed granite along the trail, gleaned the trees to prevent tree damage, promote future fruit growth, and prevent loss of fruit due to fall and rot

Candlestick Point State Recreation Area

Volunteers: 145
Projects: Removed 30 cubic yards of non-native plants, planted 200 natives, collected 40 bags of trash and 15 bags of recycling

Carlsbad State Beach

Volunteers: 45
Projects: Renewed the historic adobe office building with 300 native plants, prepared raised garden boxes that will line the historic adobe building as well as the walkway to the main entrance, installed signage, collected 5 bags of trash and 8 cubic yards of non-native plants

Castle Rock State Park

Volunteers: 18
Projects: Graffiti removal

China Camp State Park

Volunteers: 77
Projects: Removed 100 cubic yards of invasive fennel

Crystal Cove State Park

Volunteers: 250
Projects: Planted 297 plants specified on the Landscape Management Plan in the Historic District, removed 413 cubic yards of non-native plants, trimmed, mulched, watered, painted curbs, sanded and stained bulletin boards and monument signs, repaired ramps from bluff trail to beach, painted tidepool education banners, collected 70 bags of trash during beach cleanup

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park

Volunteers: 27
Projects: General cleanup of Dyar Ruins/Visitor Center area, filled a 40-yard dumpster with wooden debris and 2 15-yard dumpsters with concrete and asphalt to be recycled

Doheny State Beach

Volunteers: 150
Projects: Removed 100 pounds of diseased/dead non-native shrubs and trees from the campground and replaced them with a variety of native shrubs and trees that are specific to coastal Southern California including 50 Toyons, 40 Laurel Sumacs, 1 15-gallon Torrey Pine, 45 coast sunflowers and 60 lemonade berries, picked up 75 pounds of trash and 40 pounds of recycling

Folsom Lake State Recreation Area

Volunteers: 80
Projects: Invasive thistle removal and trash clean up along 2 miles of a recently repaved section of the American River Parkway bike trail, downed woody debris removal and trail work at Negro Bar group campsite

Grover Hot Springs State Park

Volunteers: 61
Projects: Planted 120 native plants and grasses in the Native Plant Demonstration Garden, collected 5 bags of trash and 3 cubic yards of invasive plants

Half Moon Bay State Beach

Volunteers: 200
Projects: Habitat restoration: removed 200 cubic yards of non-native plants and built 4 animal-proof trash enclosures

Henry Coe State Park

Volunteers: 82
Projects: Removed 10 cubic yards of non-native plants and 4 bags of trash from three areas of the park

Huntington State Beach

Volunteers: 122
Projects: Removed 5o bags of debris and 50 bags of recycling from the 3.8 miles of sand, trail, and parking lots, installed Campfire Center storage units, renovated and installed interpretive kiosks and signs near the Least Tern Preserve

Lake Perris State Recreation Area

Volunteers: 51
Projects: Graffiti removal and trail maintenance on Terri Peak, restored 5 mile trail to Terri Peak, collected 10 bags of trash and 1 bag of recycling

Lighthouse Field State Beach

Volunteers: 44
Projects: Planted 925 butterfly-friendly native plants to support the Santa Cruz Monarch Enhancement Project. Removed 5 cubic yards of invasive grasses at coastal restoration sites

Malibu Creek State Park

Volunteers: 135
Projects: Graffiti removal, removal of exotic plants, collected 43 bags of trash and 18 bags of recycling, restored ¼ mile of trail

McConnell State Recreation Area

Volunteers: 31
Projects: Campfire center renovation, replaced existing worn benches with new benches, painted the new benches, replaced campfire center lighting system including walkway lights, weed eradication and overgrowth removal, repainted and replaced damaged trim on the McConnell entrance station and 2 bathrooms, replaced the wooden fencing that runs from the entrance station to the group camp area

Millerton Lake State Recreation Area

Volunteers: 82
Projects: Planted 25 trees in La Playa and Grange Grove picnic areas, weeded and removed 20 cubic yards of dead/dying flora and 60 bags of trash plus 1 bag of recycling from parking lot islands in Ramp #3 parking lot, lay down fresh mulch and replaced drip line irrigation

Montaña de Oro State Park

Grant provided by PG&E

Volunteers: 86
Projects: Cleared 40 cubic yards of weeds and dead vegetation from the native demonstration garden, painted two work sheds, planted 395 native plants in campground, and removed 150 feet of old peeler core fencing.

Moss Landing State Beach and Rancho Moro Cojo

Volunteers: 29
Projects: Brought the beach to the school via PORTS program, held week-long presentations to 1,200 students, culminating in a cleanup at Yosemite Slough watershed

Mt. Diablo State Park

Volunteers: 75
Projects: Installed 300 feet of split rail fence, removed 5 cubic yards of non-native plants and restored ¾ mile of trail

Panther, Natural Bridges, Seabright, Asilomar and Carmel River State Beaches

Volunteers: 194
Projects: Removed 417 pounds of trash and 156 pounds of recycling from the beaches, which is critical to maintaining the health of the marine ecosystem and wildlife habitat

Portola Redwoods State Park

Volunteers: 48
Projects: Cleaned and refurbished campsites before the opening of the camping season, repaired/replaced damaged tables and benches, cleaned fire rings and food lockers, removed debris, and refurbished splash pits below water spigots

Rio de Los Angeles State Park

Projects: Removed 20 cubic yards of invasive species including white clover, fennel, pampas grass, castor bean, star thistle, tree tobacco, sow thistle, dandelion, rabbit grass, and fountain grass, watered existing trees, mulched trees and planting beds, spread seeds including native grasses and wildflowers, planted 50 new native trees

San Clemente State Beach

Volunteers: 43
Projects: Removed 50 cubic yards of non-native plants, 18 bags of trash and 6 bags of recycling, planted 125 native shrubs and 1 tree

San Elijo State Beach

Volunteers: 70
Projects: Planted 520 native plants and 22 native trees in the campground arena, removed 2 cubic yards of non-native vegetation, installed interpretive signage

San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park

Volunteers: 23
Projects: Painted the exterior of the Visitor Center window frames, scraped old paint, primed, and finished with fire rated paint, collected 45 bags of green waste, cut brush and filled ruts on trails

Seabright State Beach

Volunteers: 73
Projects: Planted 767 native plants to support the Seabright Beach Coastal Enhancement Project, removed 8 cubic yards of invasive plant species from coastal restoration sites

Sinkyone Wilderness State Park - Usal Beach and Campground

Volunteers: 14
Projects: Cleared 7 cubic yards of invasive English Ivy from forest trees, converted current campsite into a camp host site, cleared overgrown vegetation from the south end of the Usal trail and repaired storm-damaged trails, picked up 7 bags of trash and 2 bags of recycling

Sonoma Coast State Park

Volunteers: 70
Projects: Planted 19 native plants, removed 3 cubic yards of non-native plants, 20 bags of trash, 15 bags of recycling plus a refrigerator, propane tank and hot water heater

Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

Volunteers: 47
Projects: Repaired ¼ mile of trail, installed 20-25 water bars in 3 locations on upper Brushy Peaks trail and one location on lower Brushy Peaks Trail, filled in eroded areas on Bald Mt. Road with gravel and compacted with vibra plates

Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and Beach

Volunteers: 80
Projects: Removed 300 cubic yards of invasive plants, 30 bags of trash and 1 bag of recycling, restored wooden door, removed graffiti from sandstone

Trinidad State Beach

Volunteers: 29
Projects: Removed 6 cubic yards of English Ivy and non-native vegetation from forest habitat, picked up 2 bags of trash and 1 bag of recycling

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