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Personalized Picnic Table Program

Thank you for your interest in the California State Parks Foundation Commemorative Picnic Table Program. With over 75 million annual state park visitors, the gift of a new picnic table enhances California’s state parks while sharing your personal story.

A tax-deductible gift of $2,500 will place a picnic table in one of California’s state parks. This cost includes materials and installation, personalized inscription, and delivery.

Where to Start

1. Review the Guidelines

Please take a moment to review the guidelines for the Commemorative Picnic Table Program. Once you’ve had a chance to review this informational guide, please contact the California State Parks Foundation program coordinator.


  • The Department of Parks and Recreation and the California State Parks Foundation are not responsible for vandalism, maintenance, repair or loss of the table or its inscription.
  • Placement of a picnic table is dependent upon the needs of the Department of Parks and Recreation.
  • We cannot guarantee that any picnic table will remain in one location; they are subject to being moved based on need.
  • Tables may be removed from park when it has been determined by the Department of Parks and Recreation staff to no longer be beneficial to the park.

2. Request a Park

Are you ready to request the placement of a picnic table? The picnic table coordinator will contact the park to determine if they are interested in accepting a donated picnic table. To start your request, contact the California State Parks Foundation to submit your request for a picnic table by one of the following:

  • Fill out the online request form below. A program coordinator will contact you following your request.
  • Contact Rebecca Eiseman, (415) 262-4408 or

3. Determine the Location

When speaking with the program coordinator, please specify if you have a specific location within the park in mind. Additional materials such as maps and photographs are strongly encouraged.

4. Inscription and Payment

Once the park has approved the picnic table, you will be provided with an order form, which includes information about payment and your desired inscription.

5. Order Materials

As soon as payment is received, CSPF will order the picnic table and have it delivered to the park. The construction of a table can take 8-12 weeks from order date. Delivery can take up to an additional 2 weeks.

6. Installation

After the picnic table is delivered, we will confirm the schedule of installation with park staff.
Please note, installation of tables may be extended due to unfavorable weather or other more pressing issues the park may face.

Request Form

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as we can.

More Info

Donate a personalized picnic table to a park for a donation of $2,500.

View the brochure (PDF)

Feel free to contact Rebecca Eiseman at or call at 415-262-4408.

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