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California State Parks Foundation is the central hub in a community of organizations and individuals all working to protect and improve state parks. This community includes our 48 board members with 500+ combined years of CSPF leadership experience, our 130,000 members donating and volunteering on an annual basis, over 100 community organizations working with local state parks, and the California Department of Parks and Recreation, which is responsible for managing all 280 state parks.

Our corporate and foundation partners are an essential addition to this community of supporters. Together, we work with all partners to promote our shared values of:

  • Environmental Conservation
    1.5 million acres of state park lands include 320 miles of Pacific Ocean coastline, 625 miles of lake and river frontage, and valuable wildlife and habitat unique to the Golden State.
  • Access to Public Lands
    Families visiting state parks enjoy low-cost access to 3,195 historical sites, 15,000 campsites, and more than 4,500 miles of trails.
  • Youth Educational Opportunities
    The "outdoor classrooms" found in state parks are second only to California’s public school system in offering educational opportunities to school-aged youth.
  • Healthy and Active Lifestyles
    Both tourists and locals use state parks every day to hike, swim, bike, kayak, surf, scuba dive, ride horses, rock climb, and more.

Donations and sponsorships always have the largest impact in supporting our state parks system, but CSPF knows your organization has more to contribute than cash alone. By engaging your employees and leveraging your company’s assets and expertise, CSPF works "beyond the check" to create innovative partnerships that address the multi-faceted needs of our state parks

  • Can your employees volunteer in state parks?
    CSPF engages thousands of volunteers in state parks across California each year. Our annual Earth Day Restoration and Clean-up and year-round Park Champions volunteer program provide one-time or ongoing employee volunteer opportunities.
  • What does your company already do that can benefit parks?
    Our parks’ needs are as diverse as the parks themselves. Vehicles, tools, food, energy solutions, recreational equipment, and many other assets may all be put to use in state parks.

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