Take the DEFEND WHAT'S YOURS Challege

Defend What’s Yours is an effort to empower Californians to stand up for their state parks.

For years, California's state parks have faced service reductions, funding cuts, and even closure. Multiple years of budget cuts have truly taken their toll on the system.

With our public spaces in jeopardy, it is important for Californians across the state to Defend What's Yours.

Our state parks belong to each of us and they are our responsibility to protect and defend. Generations before us passed on a legacy that includes some of the most awe-inspiring vistas, seascapes, and ancient forests, as well as sites and artifacts of early California culture and history that tell us how we came to be Californians.

In order to save our state parks, citizens need to be aware, informed and engaged. You can do something. Join the California State Parks Foundation's Defend What's Yours Challenge. You'll be standing up for state parks, making your voice heard, and defending what's yours! Start today!

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Defend What's Yours Challenge

Stand up for state parks and make your voice heard by participating in CSPF's Defend What's Yours Challenge! We’ve got the Top 5 Ways to Defend State Parks: Defend; Visit; Volunteer; Speak Out and Share.

Challenge One: Defend

Unite your voice with others and help us create a better future for state parks!
Pledge to defend California's state parks. This challenge is to add your name to the growing list of over defenders to show that you support state parks and oppose budget cuts and closures. By uniting your voice with others, you make our efforts to create a better future for state parks so much stronger. And, by joining the community, you ensure that you will be updated and involved in solutions for saving state parks.


Challenge Two: Visit

One of the best ways to show support for state parks is to visit them!
This challenge is to visit a state park near you and document your experience. With 280 state parks located throughout California, you literally have hundreds of opportunities to experience all that California's state parks have to offer.

Before you make your visit, be sure to download the Defend What's Yours Poster (PDF) and take a picture with it while you're in a state park. After your visit, share your picture on Facebook by posting the photo on our wall. Don't have a Facebook account? That's OK- you can email your picture to advocacy@calparks.org and we will add it to our Defend What's Yours Challenge photo gallery.


Challenge Three: Volunteer

Make a powerful investment in state parks your time.

CSPF's Park Champions Program holds volunteer work days in state parks across California. This program was created in response to the unprecedented budget cuts and closures that California State Parks face right now. In partnership with the Department of Parks & Recreation, Park Champions provide consistent, sustainable volunteer support in the areas of park maintenance and beautification. This challenge is to sign up to participate in one of our upcoming Park Champion Program work days!

Don't see a Park Champions Program work day scheduled in your area? There are dozens of nonprofit groups statewide with volunteer programs benefiting state parks. Check out the Volunteer Page on our SOS Campaign website for a listing of partners with volunteer opportunities and make a pledge below to join the volunteer efforts of one of the many local organizations working with us to Save Our State Parks.


Challenge Four: Speak Out

Tell policymakers to keep state parks open and protected!

This challenge is to write a message in support of state parks. Find an issue you oppose in our Park Defense Center and take action by submitting a petition about that issue.


Challenge Five: Share

Spread the word and help build the movement to Save Our State Parks!
If you haven't already, join us on Facebook and Twitter.

This challenge is to show the world that you support state parks by joining our online community and spreading the word to your friends and family about state parks issues that affect you.