1. CSPF will take a leading role in the promotion of strong, sustainable, and effective state parks. It will:
    1. Inspire a vision for state parks that is embraced by a majority of Californians and actively supported by parks stakeholders.
    2. Facilitate the advancement of excellence in all aspects of the state park system.
  2. CSPF will promote strong public use of, support for, and commitment to a sustainable state parks system. It will:
    1. Build and expand the base of parks constituents and stakeholders.
    2. Engage a more diverse constituency.
    3. Provide support, guidance, direction, and leadership for the parks movement.
  3. CSPF will efficiently and effectively build programs, staffing, internal capacities, and systems to strengthen its position in the state parks movement. It will:
    1. Develop and implement strong programs that are responsive, sustainable and strategic.
    2. Develop and maintain diversified, sustainable financial resources for CSPF programs and operations.
    3. Strengthen internal organizational systems, structure, and staffing; and maximize synergy and collaboration between CSPF divisions.
    4. Build state-of-the-art messaging and branding capacity, expertise, and resources.
    5. Build an organization that is representative of all Californians.


In evaluating and implementing strategies and actions under the strategic plan, CSPF will emphasize the following overarching values and priorities that have been highlighted throughout the strategic planning process.

  1. State parks focus: CSPF will focus mainly on the state parks system, but will be open to working on programmatic and advocacy issues that can affect and influence all park systems.
  2. Broad statewide influence: CSPF will focus on issues with statewide impact on state parks. It will continue to initiate and support work on programs, policies, and advocacy at local levels that build and feed into broader statewide issues.
  3. Collaboration and partnership: CSPF will prioritize strategies that build collaboration at all levels to support state parks.
  4. DPR relationship: CSPF will sustain an open, positive, and proactive relationship with DPR at both the executive and program levels. CSPF will work to align its vision and goals for state parks with those of DPR while representing the voice of California’s state park constituency. It will emphasize with DPR the value and importance of expanding partnerships and collaboration to build strong public support for the state parks.
  5. Leadership: CSPF will prioritize strategies and activities that continue to build capacity as a top-of-mind resource on state parks issues.
California State Parks Foundation

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